One Solution.

An integrated technology solution strategy... components extending across multiple computing paradigms.

For the past 25 years, our personnel have been combining years of software technical expertise with years of problem domain knowledge in key industries to deliver comprehensive solutions quickly, economically, and reliably to some of the nation's largest corporations as well as small business.

During those twenty-five years, the computing landscape has changed dramatically. From mainframe to desktop computers, from laptops to tablets, from cell phones to smart phones, from local area networks to the Internet, from desktop software to mobile apps, and from web sites to web applications and social media, SoftScience Group, Inc. has been adapting and integrating.

Not only do our software solutions operate on multiple platforms, more importantly, our solutions utilize the comparative strengths of each computing platform to most effectively provide a comprehensive multi-platform cross-paradigm solution to real world business problems. We harness the strengths of backoffice databases, desktop software applications, mobile apps, and web solutions to do those things that each computing paradigm does best.

For example, smart phones are excellent platforms for making information widely available for consumption, but may not be the best choice for all information production activities. Data entry, content creation, interactive high definition graphical manipulation are all tasks often better suited to desktop software. SoftScience Group, Inc. seamlessly integrates all these technologies to solve complex business problems.

All these disparate computing paradigms may be needed as part of a comprehensive information technology treatment of a business problem space. Few software engineering firms have the expertise and knowledge to deliver cross-paradigm answers. SoftScience Group, Inc. does.

database designer performing analysis


The back office is where enterprise data lives. Whether it is internal networked servers or web servers, back office solutions usually involve database systems and applications that drive all the other computing paradigms supporting the enterprise's mission.

SoftScience Group, Inc. has been designing and implementing enterprise level database systems for more than 20 years. We have built solutions for a variety of industries and a wide range of customer types. Our database driven software solutions have been used by some of the largest corporations in the U.S., small business, government, and non-government organizations.

In the information technology ecosystem, code reuse has been widely accepted for at least the past 25 years as a way to leverage investments in enterprise knowledge. SSG believes that the same need for reuse exists in the data sphere as well. Leveraging an enterprise's data – its declarative knowledge base – is just as important, if not more so, than code reuse – its procedural knowledge base.

At the core of each family of software applications is a common data layer which is implemented as an integrated database environment housing all the data that an entire enterprise generates or uses. This enterprise scope view of data is necessary to promote the reuse of this critical information resource across the entire organization, for both internally oriented and externally oriented systems.

users using a desktop application on a large monitor


Working off a common integrated data layer, the desktop is where the work still gets done in most enterprises. Applications that allow serious jobs to be performed are still often best accomplished using a desktop computer, a notebook, or a specialized computer running traditional software. Tablets can also be part of the business application space.

Smaller mobile devices are not often the best choice for many productivity related tasks. Data input, information analysis tools, creative production, and other business production tasks often work better with larger displays, old fashion keyboards and pointing devices than with all-in-one smaller mobile devices.

For over 25 years, SoftScience Group, Inc. (SSG) has been designing and building specialized user applications that are modeled on the job tasks carried out by an enterprise. User interfaces are carefully designed around the efficient completion of the tasks being automated. Each application attaches to the portions of the naturalized enterprise data layer that it needs to perform its function. If the data layer already knows something, the user shouldn't have to re-enter it. If the data layer's integrity requires information to be entered in some consistent and verified manner, the user interface application code should handle that function seamlessly and unobtrusively.

The de-coupling of procedural knowledge (process) from declarative knowledge (data) into naturalized patterns allows for maximum re-use of both code and data within an enterprise. Significant engagements with large clients that have lasted more than 20 years is proof that SoftScience Group's holistic and naturalized design approach produces powerful evolvable software solutions.

Worker entering data on a computer tablet


Now computing has moved to the fully mobile age with the convergence of communications technology and software. Most people carry around small but powerful computing devices in their pockets and even on their wrists and faces. While these devices may not always be optimal for higher level production activities, they are ideal for the distribution of information and have special attributes that make them well suited for some important kinds of tasks.

Information distribution to widespread locations, such as is common when interacting with customers can be an important kind of service provided by mobile apps. Mobile apps have been initially concentrated in distributing entertainment and other content services while harvesting marketing data about the app users. As the paradigm matures, SSG believes that the mobile device technology paradigm will be increasingly used as an enterprise information production tool rather than simply as a distribution channel.

Data gathering, particularly location-dependent activities can be well handled with mobile devices. Putting powerful specialized software applications in the hands of an enterprise's remote personnel so that they are able to access and fully utilize the enterprise's data – and even add to it – is the real under-utilized potential that SoftScience Group sees for mobile devices in the future.

Imagine integrating these powerful remote devices appropriately into the information technology architecture of business operations. SoftScience Group has long understood the potential of augmenting core business applications performed on the desktop with the powerful enabling capabilities that require mobility. Empowering the enterprise's field personnel to solve problems remotely and gather information remotely significantly increases the productive footprint of the organization.

User surfing the web with a cup of coffee


The Web started out primarily as an information distribution technology. The universality of web browser capabilities made content sharing practical and cost effective. Marketing and other information distribution functions were and are well suited for delivery using a web browser.

The sophistication and versatility of web programming platforms have now reached the point that complex web applications can now be built that use the Web browser as a user client to sophisticatedly interact with server-hosted information. As these technologies have rapidly evolved, SoftScience Group, Inc. has incorporated cutting edge web solutions into our integrated software capabilities. Our Web development services are performed through our SoftScience Web Media group.

The web technologies available today are simply the best way to communicate ideas through content. Every business needs to fully exploit the tools available through the Web to put forward their case for customers' preferential interaction with them. These web technologies include web sites, web applications, and social media platforms.

Because the content is just as important as the technical component, SSG has simultaneously developed the highest range of professional content production capabilities from creative imagineering, to wordsmithing, to full content production technologies for images, sound and video. SoftScience Web Media is a one stop source for all levels of web projects.